About the Opportunity The African Studies Centre Leiden (ASCL) offers the Afro-Centric Masters Thesis Scholarship to support African researchers conducting their master’s thesis. The ASCL, an interfaculty institute of Leiden University, is a national knowledge center on Africa in the Netherlands. It promotes understanding of historical, current, and future developments in Africa through research and teaching. The scholarship encourages the study of African cultures and societies by providing financial support and recognition to outstanding theses.


Application Process

  1. Submit Documents: Send a digital version of the thesis in PDF format.
  2. Summary: Include a summary (max. 300 words) of the thesis.
  3. Recommendation Letter: Provide a signed letter of recommendation from the student’s supervisor, detailing the quality of the thesis, an explanation of the grade, and information about the educational institution.
  4. Email Submission: Send all documents to [email protected].

Link to the Application Website

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